High Frequency Online UPS
(GP Super Series)

Large blue back-light LCD for detailed real-time UPS status display.

Power Range: 1 to 5Kva
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1.Large blue backlight LCD for detailed real-time UPS status display.

2.Pure sine wave double conversion online UPS with voltage regulator circuit, which can provide a perfect power protection when UPS working in a harsh surroundings.

3.Comprehensive electric isolation and bypass protection.

4.Input PFC technology, reduce harmonic pollution to the power grid.

5.Automatic alarm; Self-testing function.

6.Wide Input frequency range can connect various fuel generator.

7.Adopt intelligent battery management, saving charging time and extend battery life.

8.DC start when power off, convenient and reliable; restart automatically when electricity is restored.

Safe and reliable protection:

High frequency online UPS GP Super Series(1ph in/1ph out)1-3KVA series have a high stability and reliability which was designed by Green Power  according to different power grid environment and network system requirements. Its excellent quality and perfect usability can provide a safe and reliable guarantee for the computer network system and realize overall protection to user devices.

Technical Specifications

Model HP9316C    10-20KVA
Rated Power 10KVA/7KW 15KVA/10.5KW 20KVA/14KW
Rated Voltage 380VAC 3phase with ground
Rated Frequency 50/60HZ
Voltage Range 304 ~ 478VAC ( 3VAC )
Frequency Range 50HZ:(46~54HZ);60HZ:(56~64HZ)
Power Factor 0.98
Voltage Regulation 208/220/230/240X (1±2%)VAC
Frequency Regulation 50/60HZ±0.05 Hz
Power Factor 0.7/0.8 (optional) standard    0.7
Voltage Distortion Linear load<3% Non-Linear    load<6%
Overload Capability 105% ~ 130% for 10min; ≥    30% for 1min
Current Crest Ratio 3:01
Transfer Time 3MS (AC Mode ~Battry mode)
DC Voltage 240VDC
Recharge Current 4.2A
LCD Display input/output Voltage, Frequency,    Battery voltag, Battery capacity, Loading rate.
Interface Smart RS232、SNMP card    (optional) U 、SB (optional)
Operation Temperature 0~40℃
Humidity 0~95% (Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature -25℃ 55℃
Sea Level Elevation <1500m
Noise Level(1m) <55dB
Physics    Characteristic
N.W 47.0 51.2 51.2
G.W 53.0 58.5 58.5
Dimensions :( Wx D x H )mm 260X570X717


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(GP Super Series)”